ED:ROM: Portuguese Moodle Partner: Certified Services Provider

Moodle Partner

ed-rom is the Portuguese Moodle Partner. This means that:

  • We are a certified and authorized entity to provide Moodle services not only in Portugal but also worldwide. Note that despite of being an open source LMS, Moodle is a registered trademark and only Moodle Partners are authorized to use the trademark for commercial purposes and provision of services;
  • We are reported as Moodle Partner in Portugal on the official website http://moodle.com/partners;
  • We have access to priority support from the Moodle Development Team, and other Moodle Partners as well;
  • We are responsible for Moodle official translation into Portuguese;
  • We are responsible for the moderation of the Portuguese section on http://moodle.org;
  • We have priority in correcting bugs detected on Moodle;
  • We actively participate in the promotion and dissemination of Moodle in Portugal;
  • We meet the requirements of quality standards contractually established with Moodle, particularly regarding to service responsiveness and reliability;
  • We ensure the continued development of Moodle by giving part of our profits to Moodle Trust. These funds are used to support the structure that works to improve the functionality of Moodle and introduce new features. This is the only way to sustain this project for the future.