Academic Management System

Alumni Network Portal can operate autonomously or integrated with other systems to automate the task of creating users. There are three methods that you can use for creating user accounts:




A pre-registration form is provided on the portal home page so students are able to identify themselves and provide a minimum set of profile information. The institution’s approval may be required before self-registered users can access the portal. Companies self-registration follows the same process.




File importing

Creating users can be performed by the institution through importing an excel file with students essential data.




Integration with external systems

It’s possible to integrate Alumni Network with an academic management system, a LDAP system, an e-learning platform (such as Moodle), or with another system, to enable the automatic creation, removal and updating of students allowing the use of the same credentials to access to several linked systems.


Take a look on our SIGA and Moodle solutions that can be easily integrated with Alumni Network.