Keep in touch

Alumni Network portal provides several communication features in order to keep students active and connected to the portal. Among these features we point out the following tools.




The Institution can create events such as seminars, conferences, workshops and trainings, and define any number of vacancies to limit the number of students who may enroll. Events can be public, meaning they are available to all students, or private, which means they are available only for a given set of users identified by the institution.






The Institution can submit news posts that are interesting to the students on the Alumni portal, including promoting new courses and training offers.





Image Galleries

Institutions can publish image galleries, including photos of alumni meetings, job forums, etc.






Institutions can create and send a structured newsletter to students and companies who wish to subscribe it and provide an archive of all available newsletters.





Email notifications subscription

Students can choose between subscribe or cancel the subscription of the email sending service for each kind of information on the portal, including job announcements, events, news, wall posts, newsletters, etc.





Institutions can set and make questionnaires available to students with several type of questions, such as text input and multiple-choice questions as well as export all collected answers. With this tool it’s possible to conduct employability or training need identification offers surveys, etc.




Bulk email and SMS sending

A Institutions can send bulk emails or SMS to all or a specific set of portal users. The e-mail or SMS text can be configured to include the student’s name, username and password.



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