Payments management

SIGA can manage interactive payment methods, such as VISA and Paypal, which can process payments during the application, and non-interactive methods such as the Multibanco references, Boleto Bancário (Brazil Payment Solution PagSeguro), bank transfer or cash, which provide payment instructions to the candidate but the payment is made later.

With the exception of bank transfer/cash methods, non-interactive methods as MB Reference or Boleto Bancário can automatically identify and register the payment.

SIGA’s payments management has the following features:

  • Payments Control: SIGA allows setting an application and enrollment fee for each programme edition and give the candidate the chance to choose between the available payment methods;

  • Discounts and Vouchers: it’s possible to set special discounts, in percentage or value, automatically applied to applications that meet certain criteria. The system can also issue electronic vouchers that allow the user to enjoy a discount by entering the voucher code in the application/enrollment form;

  • Payments Plans: it’s possible to set and provide several enrollment payment plans in the application form, as an alternative to integral payment. In this case, the system will issue automatic payment alerts by email or SMS, with the respective payment information, as they become available for payment.


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