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ED-ROM is a Moodle Partner since 2006 and provides the following services to support companies and organizations in implementing Moodle:

Why choose ED-ROM?

  • We have experience in more than 200 Moodle implementations since 2003;
  • We propose creative solutions to better adapt Moodle to the needs of organizations;
  • We know better the Portuguese Moodle platform than anybody else, because we are responsible for the translation of Moodle into Portuguese, following closely all its evolutions;
  • We have extensive experience in Moodle administrators and trainers training so that they can quickly take full advantage of the Moodle tools most suited to their needs;
  • We have customer support with excellent response times;
  • We have books and manuals about using Moodle, in Portuguese, easy to understand and use, containing diverse information and advanced examples;
  • We have experience in Moodle server installation and fine tunning in highly demanding contexts, supporting hundreds of concurrent users simultaneously;
  • We are Moodle Partner since 2006, which means that we comply with a rigorous certification process that guarantees a high standard of quality of the services provided.


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