Moodle Training: Make the most of Moodle

Moodle is a LMS rich in features and configuration possibilities. Making the most of its full potential requires a substantial investment in exploring it.

To assist you in this process ED-ROM promotes various types of training:

  • Training for Teachers (in-classroom, e-learning or blended learning format): this course helps teachers and trainers to configure courses, create resources and structuring activities, exploring the potential of Moodle learning environment to create pedagogical practices that result in greater involvement, creativity, motivation and learning of students and trainees;
  • Training for Administrators (in-classroom format): administrators play an important role in the daily management of Moodle. They often have exclusive access to settings that can generate a huge impact on course user’s experience, on the administrative work related to the LMS management and on the way Moodle fits the organizational goals. This training course provides administrators an overview of Moodle administrator functionalities that allow the implementation of efficient administration policies and provides the information needed to take strategic decisions about the site configuration.


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