Automated Tasks

SIGA incorporates a logical workflow that automates and ensures a consistent performance of the academic management tasks, from the application to the certificate issuing, minimizing errors and omissions, while ensuring proper follow-up of contacts, applications and enrollments. Simultaneously, the software automates repetitive and redundant tasks that would otherwise consume too much staff time and attention.

SIGA plays an important role since the initial stages of the academic management process, providing an online application form with the available educational programmes. The information is entered by the applicant and subject to several automatic validations to ensure its reliability. Subsequently, the information is stored in a database and can be exported to other information systems (Accounting, Academic management, etc.) with no need for manual re-introduction.

The application process can be simplified or involve several stages, controlled by the software, as illustrated in the following diagram:


In this context, SIGA has the following features and benefits:

  • Single or multi-page application form: the form can have a single page or it can be divided into several pages, optionally forcing a candidate registration on the first page and allowing the candidate to save an incomplete application and complete the it later;

  • Flexible and adaptable: SIGA adapts to application processes with different levels of complexity. The application may require several actions to complete successfully, namely the confirmation of the application through a link sent by email, the payment of an application fee, the staff manual approval of the application, the payment of an enrollment fee and the staff manual approval of the enrolment, among other requirements;

  • Editions and Periods: regarding timing and scheduling SIGA has also proved to be quite adjustable to several formats and requirements. An educational programme may have several editions, with their own calendars and sets of participants, and these may be divided in several periods, with their own start and ending dates, as well as their own set of courses, properly synchronized with the Learning Management System;

  • Reserved Area: the candidate can access a reserved area where he can view the status of all his applications and take the necessary actions to conclude the application (pay, enroll, etc.). Once a student he can use this area to consult schedules, nonattendances and grades or print their certificates and communicate with the support staff, among other relevant features;

  • Academic Management and Logistics: the application can be used to manage student grades, calculate the final programme grade, manage classroom and teacher allocation, register student nonattendances, print class rosters (with student’s number, name, email and photo) and issue programme certificates;

  • Issuance of Certificates: SIGA can automatically generate certificates that can be printed or downloaded in PDF format by students in their reserved area. Certificates may include students' personal data, the final programme grade and grades of several courses;

  • Evaluation Questionnaires: the system enables the delivery of programme evaluation questionnaires in the students reserved area and performs the respective statistical analysis in system’s Backoffice. To encourage students to respond to the questionnaire, the system can prevent students from seeing their course grades over a quarantine period.


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