Reading text on the screen is not elearning.

You can only motivate someone to learn, challenging him to experience and interact with situations that are realistic and relevant for his professional activity. This experience will turn possible the learning consolidation and it’s recall and application to real life.

ED-ROM creates courses truly interactive, that generate the trainee attention, decision and experimentation.


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InteractionOnscreen reading is not elearning

It's a waste of time and resources. We create truly interactive e-learning content that requires user action and reflection.

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ExperienceLearning by doing

We aim to produce content providing experiences that allow learning that is meaningful and usable to perform professional activities.

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MotivationLearning by willing to

We heavily bet on motivation as a key factor for the success of e-learning. We believe that when people are motivated, the learning challenge is won.

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CreativityStimulate the sense of discovery

The keyword for a successful content conception is "Creativity".

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LearningThinking and Doing

Two master keys are required to open the door to e-learning: Thinking and Doing. These are the capabilities that allow achieving the ultimate goal of learning: behavior change.

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ROIHigh Return on Investment

We create highly efficient e-learning solutions capable of improving the performance and productivity of your staff or students.

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