Professional Network

Former students are valuable elements to educational institutions, not just as a channel to promote its training offer but also as a way to attract and demonstrate to potential candidates the professional success of its former students.

ed-rom’s Alumni Network portal aims to create a long-term connection between educational institutions and their former students. Alumni Network is a private portal, with an appearance and structure similar to LinkedIn, which allows the development of a national and international network of students while promoting the communication between these students and companies that want to provide them internships and employment opportunities.

O portal Alumni Network da ED-ROM tem por finalidade criar uma ligação de longa duração entre as instituições de ensino e os seus ex-alunos. Trata-se de um portal privado, com uma aparência de rede profissional, como o Linkedin, que permite o desenvolvimento de uma rede nacional e internacional de ex-alunos promovendo simultaneamente o encontro destes alunos com as empresas que lhes desejam oferecer estágios e oportunidades de emprego.

Alumni Network portal has the following advantages:

  • Gives great notoriety to the institution and creates a long-term relationship with students, giving them the opportunity to further develop their professional network relationships and careers as well extend the knowledge and experiences sharing process far beyond the final exam;
  • Add value to the institution’s training offer by promoting students employability and providing interaction between them and companies by using automated submission and response handling processes.
  • Motivates students to have their contacts and other information updated, which is very advantageous for the institution because it allows the development of an important database for promoting training offer and for statistical purposes.
  • Represents a powerful argument on attracting new students to school by allowing them to participate in the professional network and being close to business employers.
  • Enables the institution to establish business partnerships with employers and develop new training opportunities while enriching their academic and cultural prestige.


As a professional network, Alumni Portal provides the following features to students:




Edit Profile

Students can edit their profile and enter their educational and professional background, among other information. They can also upload a file with their full CV.






Students can add to their profile, and organize it by subject, some of their academic or professional work. These samples may consist of internal or external pages, files or videos.





Video Curriculum

Students can associate a video to their profile, recording it directly from their webcam or linking to a YouTube video.






Students can identify their core skills for their colleagues to confirm them in order to create a skills ranking.






Privacy and Security

Only authenticated users are allowed to view student’s profiles and other information published on Alumni portal. On the other hand, students can define for each profile field if this is available to other students or companies when they are viewing their profile.





Student Directory

Students can search the alumni database by several criteria (name, course, year, class, etc.), see student profiles and send them messages.





Online users

A list of online users is shown on the portal so the student can access the chat and exchange messages with them.





Messaging system

This portal provides a messaging system like Facebook’s chat that allows students to exchange messages with each other or to send collective messages to all their class. Messages to offline users are sent to them by email.





Recent activity

A list of recent activity is shown, including other student’s employment updates, new messages posted on the mural, new events, new employment announcements, new companies registered in the portal, etc.






It’s possible to post and respond to messages on a wall shared between all students and the institution. Messages submitted on the wall may be subject to institution’s approval.





Resource Center

The institution may provide helpful articles, organized by subject, namely providing instructions on how to write a CV, how to behave in a job interview, etc. These articles may consist of internal pages (text, images, links, etc.), links to external pages, files for download or videos.







A set of statistics about the portal is available, showing figures like the evolution of the number of registered users, companies that employ more students, etc.




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