Moodle hosting

Moodle Hosting

alojameno moodle data center

Our Moodle Hosting solution includes setup, configuration and hosting of Moodle in secure high performance servers, ensuring a safe and reliable learning environment. The address to access the Moodle can be a subdomain of your site, so that the user is not aware that you are using an ED-ROM server. If you have your own server, with the necessary requirements, and want to host a Moodle on it, we also provide Moodle installation and configuration services.

The advantages of our hosting solution are:

  • Performance: our Moodles wait for users, and not the opposite, providing minimum delay and great responsiveness for e-learning activities. This is the result of an optimal server, Moodle and application environment configuration, the proximity of our servers (in Portugal), the superior hardware that we use and its installation in a high security data center, connected by optic fiber to a latest generation IP network with 5 Gbps capacity;
  • Security: the high reliability of our technological platform is enhanced by the implementation of backups for external tape on an incremental daily and full weekly basis, with a two weeks retention, in order to ensure information security;
  • Speed: we guarantee a fast installation and activation service and its configuration according to the specific customer needs. We have an experienced technical team with knowledge about Moodle platform capable of troubleshooting performance issues in adequate response time. Our servers are constantly monitored in order to detect any performance issues just in time;
  • Maintenance: we updated Moodle whenever any software vulnerability to viruses or hackers is found, thereby ensuring the integrity and privacy of the information stored on the platform. As Moodle Partner, we are informed of these problems before they become public. View notices recently published in:;
  • Support: we provide technical support for Moodle administrators concerning server and Moodle performance;
  • Simplicity: you don’t need to invest neither in specific hardware or software nor in technical staff and advanced knowledge, so you can focus your time and resources on activities on which you really have competitive advantages: teaching and training.