Moodle for teachers course (e-learning): apply until May 1st!

24 of April of 2017

Learn how to create effective and appealing learning content and activities using Moodle.

Apply to Formação de e-Formadores Moodle (Moodle for teachers) e-learning course until next May 1st. The course starts on May 8th and ends at June 2nd.

The Formação de e-Formadores Moodle (Moodle for teachers) e-learning course helps teachers and trainers to configure courses, create resources and structure activities. Come and know Moodle learning environment full potential to create pedagogical practices that outcome a greater involvement, creativity, motivation and learning of students and trainees.

Participate on this course and live an unrepeatable and only experience: the first part of the course allows you to experience Moodle as a student, the same way your future students will do. Discover also several examples of creative and effective use of the Moodle tools.

On the second part of the course students assume the role of teachers and learn how to configure courses and create learning content and pedagogical activities to potentiate the performance of Moodle teacher role and implement good teaching and learning practices in e-learning.

As a course participant you will recieve for free the book "Moodle 3 para Professores" written and edited by ed-rom – the most complete and up to date book about Moodle written in Portuguese, with about 400 pages.

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